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A Sweet Nightmare Ch. 10
It was the day after the incident with Oogie. Sally stayed home the whole day since she had to take care of Jack. He didn't feel a lot of pain on his back before, but now it hurt like hell. Jack was lying on his stomach on his bed. Sally slowly put a bandage over his back.
"Are you gonna be alright, honey?" Sally asked. Jack looked up at her.
"I'll be'll just take some time."
She gave him a kiss and left the room. Jack shut his eyes. His family was safe, Oogie is gone, and Jamie was doing better than ever. She had a bruise on her head, but it wasn't that bad. It was nearly gone now. Jack heard someone walk into the room. He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head to see Jamie. She looked a little worried.
"Daddy, are you okay?"
"I'm fine, sweetheart." Jack told her. Jamie smiled.  She climbed on his bed and sat down next to him.
"So your bruise is almost gone." Jack said. Jamie looked up at her forehead.
"Oh, yeah it is." Jamie replied.
"Have you seen Barrel toda
:iconxxpunkgurlxx:xxpunkgurlxx 22 15
A Sweet Nightmare Ch. 9
Jack looked over his daughter. He picked her up and held her in his arms. He sat down on a chair that was the shape of dice. He put his head to her heart. Nothing. Her eyes were shut. Jack moved some strands of hair away from her face.
"Oh, Jamie..." Jack said. "I'm so sorry..." he continued.
He looked down at her again. What was he gonna do? Jack couldn't take it anymore.  He shut his eyes tight and started sobbing. He held her tighter, still crying. He couldn't stop. It was uncontrollable. A teardrop fell on Jamie's forehead. It slowly slip down her cheek and onto the floor. Jack tried stopping. He kept his eyes shut tight, rubbing his fist against them. Then he heard a noise. He looked down at Jamie. It was tiny gasps of air.
Jamie let out a couple coughs after. She slowly opened her eyes.
"Daddy?" she said wearily. She opened her eyes wider.
"Daddy!" she threw her arms around her fathers neck.
"Jamie, you're alright! I thought I lost you."
They were both crying r
:iconxxpunkgurlxx:xxpunkgurlxx 19 8
POV Practice: Proposal...?
Alright, this is just my practice of some Grell and Sebby POV. don't mind it and tell me what i did wrong!
:iconvincentaddicted:VincentAddicted 6 29
Comission: GrellxSebastian
Rain fell on the Phantomhive grounds as Sebastian closed the door to the main house. Today was one of the few days Sebastian got off and he refused to be at the mansion. He just wanted to relax and forget any troublesome matters that happened in the previous weeks. He walked down the dirt road leading away from the home of his master Ciel Phantomhive and toward an unknown place. His black hair dripped wet with the rain that poured down over him. The tails of his brown trench coat lifted in the blustering wind. He wandered about the streets looking at everything and everyone he passed. The world he had known only a hundred years ago had changed to that of a more industrialized sanctom. He turned a corner into a bleak little alley. Footsteps echoed behind him and he quickly turned to face his pursuer. "Sebby!!" He heard a familiar voice call out and he sighed.
"Grell." He spoke candidly. He turned to completely face the other male his red eyes seeming bored.
Grell looked at Sebastian and
:iconcelairademon44:Celairademon44 26 14



I've been trying to practice up on my drawings of Toriel lately. And of AUs, as well.
My favorite Undertale character and my favorite Disney princess. Because why the heck not?
I've Got You
I just wanted to try (and fail) to draw some UF!Papyton.
Baby PJ
Did I forget to mention that I love the pairing of Ink x Error?
So at my school, there's this huge touchscreen TV in the lobby. The thing is, no one's watching it. It's always on education stuff or just on the default background. Two of my friends decided that that was just too boring. So, they got on it one morning while everyone was waiting to go from the lobby to their classes. And what did they do?

They pulled up memes.

Doge memes, to be exact. The principal walked by, and I was sure that they were dead. But she just asked them what they were doing. They said they were pulling up doge memes. She said okay and just left them be. And so, to this day, there will always be a new doge meme every day on that TV.

Just a little funny story that I thought I would share with you guys.


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United States
Hey, guys. Let me just give you some basic information:

NAME: Chloe (call me CJS)

I LIKE: Cartoons/anime, Melanie Martinez, classic rock/pop, YouTube (especially jacksepticeye and Markiplier), Undertale, FNAF, memes.

YouTube: CJS 51703
Wattpad: CJS_51703
FanFiction: CJS51703
SpongeBob, Steven Universe, and Undertale Amino: CJS51703



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